Radon Gas

I attended a recent presentation by a Calgary based Radon Gas detection and remediation company to RE/MAX Central Realtors.  I wanted to share more information and offer an opportunity for you to use my Digital Radon Gas Detector.

This is not meant to alarm nor “fear monger”. I am trying to educate my family, friends and clients about items of interest with respect to the world of Real Estate. I do not profess to be an Radon Gas expert. However, I have found that many people haven’t heard about Radon Gas nor it’s potential risks. 

I have purchased a Digital Radon Gas Detector unit. I am willing to provide this free-of-charge to those that are interested for a maximum of one week. First-come, first-served. If the readings require further investigation, I can refer you to the appropriate expert. (I am unable to assume any liability, as you can understand).

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